Sports for development programs can become a powerful tool for development and learning. They promote participation, inclusion, human values, acceptance of rules, discipline, health promotion, non-violence, tolerance, gender equality, teamwork, among others. All of the aforementioned problems are visible in the poor communities of developing countries. Many children and teenagers turn to gangsterism, substance abuse and crime in rural areas. These issues can be dealt with by adopting programs that directly address them as part of their routine. The aim of the sports program is to bring transformation to rural schools at grass roots level and to effect visible and meaningful change. As a foundation we want to facilitate effective change through Sport, where young children and teenagers can be part of a community where the right values are imparted to them and they discover their true potential. We cannot simply give money to the rural communities, we the generosity of sponsors and donors to start sustainable projects using innovative technology and smart business principles to change the plight of these rural communities. Sport as a transformational tool is one such program!