In 2014 five-year-old Michael Komape fell into a pit toilet at his school and drowned. In 2018, five-year-old Lumka Mthethwa a Grade R pupil and 3-year-old Monono Omari, both died after falling into a pit toilet and drowning. Parents in rural communities in South Africa live with the daily fear that their precious children could fall into a pit toilet and drown to death. They cannot protect their children from these dangerous, unsanitary and repulsive death traps that still exist in thousands of rural schools across our country. Many rural schools receive little funding from Government and do not have financial resources to convert their toilets. Some schools have as little as 8 toilets to service more than 1500 children. How many innocent children must die before something changes? Songa Mbele Foundation is on a mission to replace pit toilets in the rural schools we represent, but we need your help to do so! Leave a legacy by donating to this campaign. You will make a significant difference in the lives of thousands of children in Africa for generations to come.