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Transform lives and make a difference

There are 33 000 schools in South and 26000 of these schools are in Rural areas. The majority of these schools lack the basic resources for adequate education and have no access to areas in which their solutions exist. Children in rural communities are isolated form the global community and cut off from information, knowledge and opportunity due to the lack of

Sports for development programs can become a powerful tool for development and learning. They promote participation, inclusion, human values, acceptance of rules, discipline, health promotion, non-violence, tolerance, gender equality, teamwork, among others. All of the aforementioned problems are visible in the poor communities of developing

In 2014 five-year-old Michael Komape fell into a pit toilet at his school and drowned. In 2018, five-year-old Lumka Mthethwa a Grade R pupil and 3-year-old Monono Omari, both died after falling into a pit toilet and drowning. Parents in rural communities in South Africa live with the daily fear that their precious children could fall into a pit toilet and drown to death.

Aquaponics is the cultivation of vegetables using fish waste is a scientific farming discipline that has been around for thousands of years but has only recently become popular in South Africa.  Songa Mbele is committed to constructing commercial aquaponic units (big enough to feed all the children in the school) and training facilities in ALL 1100 of our rural schools