Project 500 seeks to transform only 500 schools in the next 5 – 10 years, into what we call a “Songa Mbele school”. What is a Songa Mbele school?  A Songa Mbele school is…

  • A school that has the best facilities such as classrooms, toilets, library and sports fields
  • A school that has the correct resources such as stationery, teaching aids and books for both teachers and children
  • It is a school where teachers can further their studies and grow their careers.
  • A place where staff have the latest technology to manage the school and the learners.
  • It is a school where the principal is not only and educator but en entrepreneur and is respected in his/her community.

A school like this is not made over night. We are asking you to take this journey with us to make your school a Songa Mbele school.



Each school will be placed in one of 4 categories. Bronze, silver, gold or platimun and each category has different benefits to it and the longer your stay on the program with Songa Mbele, the more benefits you receive.

Below you will see a picture of each category and what the benefits are:

  • The bronze category is a level one school that has just registered to be on the project 500 program. At this level the new school will receive a donation of stationery valued at R5000, as well as our principreneur training course which will available via our e-learning platform. The school also receives a new website that will be used to expose them to potential sponsors.
  • The silver category is a level two school that has been maintaining their website for 12 – 24 months. In addition to all the items mentioned in the bronze category, they will also received major discounts on school resources such as textbooks & stationery via our e-commerce platform.
  • The gold category is a level three school that has been faithful in maintaining its website for over 24-36 months. In addition to the bronze and gold categories they will receive access to teacher training via our e-learning platform, where teachers will be able to enhance their skills through various free courses that we will be offering to teachers on the e-learning platform. Finally on this level schools will qualify for a special project which will be based on an assessment of the school, through your website. Projects could include building of classrooms, toilets, sports fields, assembly areas etc.
  • The platinum category is a level four school that has maintained its website for 37-60 these schools will receive all of the benefits from the bronze, silver and gold levels as well as access to sustainable feeding opportunities for their school. We will provide the school with skills to build their own Aquaponics farm which will supply the school with fish and vegetables on a continuous basis.
  • Life category schools are those who have been with us faithfully for over 5 years. These schools will receive ongoing teacher training through our partnership with the SETA’s, website improvements, e-commerce platform, e-learning platform. Special assessment based projects and agri-innovation to become economically self-sustaining.