CEO. Abel Govender

Rev.Abel Govender is the CEO of the SONGA MBELE FOUNDATION and comes into this position with over forty years of social and philanthropic work in South Africa and abroad. As a Missionary, Church Planter, Radio, TV and Inspirational Speaker to different Faith Communions, Author and Spiritual Mentor to hundreds of Pastors in Africa., Abel has inspired thousands through his practical presentation of Biblical truth for over thirty five years.

A deeply committed family man, a doting father and grandfather Abel carries the mantle of love and compassion to the poor and needy around the world. A true ambassador of compassion to uplift the lives of those who are victims of poverty, crime and economic hardships.

This is evident in the number of social development projects which he initiated in South Africa and those he co-founded with other leaders in Africa and the world.The following projects have been highlighted to give the reader a glimpse of the extent of the work done by Abel:

  • Scripture Union: Interschool upliftment and life skills programs for young learners (1975 – 1983)
  • Operation Compassion: A project undertaken in the eighties in KwaZulu Natal to uplift the poor and needy (1983 – 1991)
  • The National Development Foundation: A project initiated by Abel in Gauteng in the nineties to help in the poor in the townships on the East Rand (1992 – 1995)
  • Usindiso Shelter: A project in partnership with the Christian Foundation in the City of Johannesburg. Caring for some 300 homeless people (1995 – 1998)
  • Operation Hope: A project in partnership with Young America where Abel led the team of young people from South Africa to Mexico to build homes for poor Mexicans (2000 – 2005)
Abel has been involved on numerous fronts in and around Africa to help build schools and churches. In September 2010, Abel was invited to serve on the Board of the Oxford Centre for Development Research(OCDR) in the UK, which further expanded his influence to more African countries.  The OCDR is committed to helping developing nations with economically sustainable projects to improve the quality of life of those communities that are victims of famine and natural disasters.

Abel has also been instrumental in establishing a Home for disadvantaged children in the City of Johannesburg and also assisting with orphanages in Mozambique and Malawi. Abel’s extensive travels and networks around the world gives him the ability to lead SONGA MBELE FOUNDATION as a catalyst to bring about the transformation so urgently needed in South Africa.