No Limits

Transforming Schools, Families & Communities

Our Highlights


 The year 2020 began with great enthusiasm to service the 275 schools on the HBS Technologies network with stationery, educational items and infrastructure improvements where necessary. The Foundation was also working towards securing good discounts from suppliers of stationers and hardware companies to be placed as preferred partners on the HBS “Give-A-Lot” platform which is planned to be launched at the end of February 2021.

Stationery was also posted to schools in the Eastern Cape through the Post Office at a considerable cost of R200 per box. After much negotiations with a few logistics companies in Gauteng, our excitement was heightened by the timely partnership of COURIER IT logistics who came to the Foundations aid. Through this partnership the Foundation was able to send much needed stationery to 160 schools around South Africa. This was indeed an amazing feat for the Songa Mbele Foundation!


Who Are We !


Songa Mbele is a Swahili phrase meaning ‘Moving Forward’ .  As Songa Mbele Foundation , we believe it is our responsibility to contribute in creative and innovative ways by helping the helpless and bridging the gap between those who want to effect positive change and those who need to be empowered and uplifted by this change. We are moving forward

Songa Mbele is a Non-Profit Foundation with the vision of bringing transformation in to rural schools and communities in Southern Africa, through the implementation of sustainable initiatives that will bring hope and enduring change to our people.


Our Purpose



Our purpose is to transform disadvantaged school by empowering them through self-sustainable opportunities that improve quality of life and stimulate economic growth.

We aim to support the disadvantaged rural schools by securing funding and sponsorship, to meet social development, nutritional, infrastructure and technological needs. 

In so doing, we hope to transform the families and communities  around our schools.


Our Sponsors & Partners